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ALFA Electric is a division of Alfa Plastic, specialized in manufacturing accessories for electrical panels, in particular Thermal Management products. With over Twenty years of Experience & Advanced Manufacturing equipment allows to offer Cost Effective & High Quality products.


  1. Panel Air-Conditioners.

  2. High Performance Filter Exhaust & Cooling Fans.

  3. Anti-Condensation Panel Heaters.

  4. Thermostats & Hygrostats.

  5. Panel Lights& Sockets.

  6. Limit Switches.


  1. Air Conditioners available in 4 different ranges (350W, 850W, 1450W and 2000W) & three different voltage ranges (115V, 230V, 400V) with Digital or Mechanical Thermostat.

  2. All Alfa Air-conditions are Low Maintenance with Rotary Compressors. Outdoor version is also available in all models.

  3. All Air-conditioners & Fans have IP54 protection as per EN 60529/1.



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