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  • Chemical and mechanical characteristics of our copper bars and bus bars in accordance with the European standards 

  • Width of our copper bar: from 5 mm to 250 mm, thickness from 1 mm to 70 mm, cross section up to 7,500 mm2

  • Length of our copper bar: up to 9500 mm (depending the cross section), with a

  • standard-length tolerance of 100 mm. Upon demand this length tolerance could be 3 mm.

  • Standard tolerances for straightness and edgewise bow: 1,5 mm/m

  • Plating: Tin plating 1 to 20 microns.

  • Bus bars available in shapes such as Flat, Round, Square, Hexagonal & any custom shape.

  • Different type of copper such as Oxygen-Free Copper, Zirconium Copper, Tellurium Copper, Cobalt beryllium copper, Copper tungsten can be selected as per the application.

  • Copper purity > 99%

  • Conductivity > 99%

  • Tensile Strength

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