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Power Quality Analyzers

  • High accuracy (class 0.2 A/V)

  • High calculation performances (ARM® technology) for a fast analysis of the signal (FFT up to the 63rd harmonics)

  • high connection capabilities (RS485 115.2 kbps, RS232, front optical port)

  • MODBUS RTU and TCP, JBUS protocol, iFIX SCADA compatibility

  • Real time clock function (without back-up)

  • Up to 12 optional digital inputs (sync function, remote digital input control)

  • Up to 16 optional digital outputs (pulse, alarm, remote control)

  • 16 freely configurable alarms with OR/AND logic linkable with up to 4 relay outputs and up to 16 open collector outputs

  • Up to 8 optional analogue outputs (+20mA, +10VDC, +/- 5mA)

  • Universal power supply: 18-60VAC/VDC, 90-260 VAC/VDC

  • Front protection degree: IP 65, NEMA4x, NEMA12

  • Class 0.2 (current/voltage)

  • Back-lighted graph display (128x64 dots)

  • Bar graph indication of instantaneous power (kW sys)

  • Measurement of single phase and system instantaneous variables: W, var, VA, PF, VLL, VLN, AL, An, Hz, THD, ASY

  • Measured energies (imported/exported): kWh and kvarh

  • Current and voltage inputs with autoranging capability

  • Energy measurements according to ANSI C12.20, CA 0.5, EN62053-22 CL 0.5S and ANSI C12.1, EN62053-23 CL 2

  • Dual, multi-time tariff management

  • Display refresh rate: 10 time / sec

  • Data stamping of up to 10,000 events: alarm, min, max, digital input status, digital output status as remote control, resets 4 independent communication ports:

Power Quality Analyzers
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