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Circuit Breakers

  • Air Circuit Breakers available from 400A to 6300A in 3 different Frame Sizes.
    ~ All Ratings are available in 3-Pole as well as 4-Pole, Available in Fixed type or                     Draw-out Type with an option for operating it manually or electrically.
    ~ Common height & depth all across the range.
    ~ High electrical & mechanical operating life.
    ~ Available in both NRYB & RYBN 4 Pole options.

  • Moulded Case Circuit Breakers available from 16A to 1250A
    ~ 3 Pole as well as 4 Pole versions having breaking capacity up to 100 kA
    ~ Breaking capacity ranging up to 100kA.
    ~ Protection release can be either Thermal-Magnetic of Micro-processor based.
    ~ Wide range of Accessories such as Motor Operator, Shunt Release, and                              Auxiliary Contacts can be mounted easily.

  • Miniature Circuit Breakers available from 6A to 63A
    ~ 3 Pole as well as 4 Pole versions
    ~ Breaking capacity 6 kA & 10 kA for full range.
    ~ Unique patented design to give both Label holder and True Contact Indication                  facility for individual poles.
    ~ Standard MCBs available with C-curve, B-curve optional.

  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers available from 25A to 100A
    ~ 2 Pole as well as 4 Pole versions having Short-circuit withstanding capacity of 10 kA.
    ~ Four different sensitivities available i.e. 30mA, 100mA, 300mA & 500mA.
    ~ Dual Termination (Cable & Busbar) available on both sides.

Circuit Breakers
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