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  • The devices are compliant with CEI 0-16 and ENEL DK5600            

  • Output voltage 12,24,48 Vdc even in case of power outage (shortage)

  • Output current 2,5 A ÷ 20 A even in case of power outage (shortage)

  • Automatic allocation of available power between load and battery charging up to twice-rated output current

  • Visual indication of "power shortage”, “defective battery", "battery voltage< 30%", "battery charging level", self-diagnostic with flashing LED code

  • Warning relays: "main or back-up" and "defective/flat battery" with galvanic isolated output contacts NO-NC

  • 3 charging levels: "boost", "trickle" and "recovery"

  • Self-diagnosis "overload", "battery sulfutation", "reverse polarity connection", "elements in short circuit", "protection against short circuit"

  • Compatible with a remote connection to select "boost" or "trickle" charging mode

  • Optional accessories: external temperature sensors; voltage drop compensation; remote LED display

  • Compact dimensions

  • Ambient temperature operation: -10 ÷ 50° C

  • IP 20

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