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Flexible Busbar

  • Easy to install

  • Compact version.

  • High level of flexibility enabling easy manipulation of the bus bar.

  • Reduced installation time with the elimination of terminal lugs and their crimping.

  • Increased safety by the elimination of crimped connections

  • Better behaviour under short-circuit conditions.

  • Decreased number of heating points.

  • More reliable connections.

  • Flexible Bus bar comes with 1.5-2 mm thick insulation for protection.

  • Rounded Edges to avoid any risk of insulation piercing.

  • Dead soft Annealing is done for providing more flexibility to bus bar.

  • High Conductivity ETP Copper (99.9%)

  • Conductivity: 100 IACS

  • Tensile Strength > 200 N/mm2

  • Elongation >35%

Flexible Busbar
GINDRE Flexible Busbar
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