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Fuse & Fuse Base

  • Knife-edge Fuse Links available in NH00 to NH3 sizes with Current 2A to 1600A & comes in different Voltages up to 1000V AC & 440V DC.

  • A New Generation Fuse Links comes with dual indication of fuse-link operation, called KOMBI. The Indicator is easily visible on the top and centre of fuse link.

  • The Standard Breaking capacity for the Fuse Links is 120 kA, 200 kA breaking capacity available on request.

  • All Type of Fuse Bases available (i.e. Busbar Mounted, Open Type, Close Type with Covers) with the required accessories.

  • Control Fuses with Fuse Holder available in 4-different sizes 8 X 31, 10 X 38, 14 X 51, 22 X 58. Fuse Holder with Neon/LED Indicators available.

  • Fast Acting, Semi-conductor Fuses for protections of Thyristors, Power Transistors, Diodes & other Power Semi-Conductor Devices.

  • Semi-conductor fuses available in NH00 to NH3 sizes with current up to 630A & Breaking capacity of 50 kA.

Fuse Base
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