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Handheld Measuring Instruments

  • True RMS Digital Multimeter, Clamp meter. 

  • Innovative design for features those increases safety and comfort of user.

  • Rotating clamp jaws facilitate the measurement at physically awkward positions, vertical bus bars, conductors placed at positions difficult to access.

  • Clamp jaws can be opened or closed with the trigger placed at bottom side away from the jaws. This allows the user to place his/her hand at safer distance from live conductor. This greatly reduces exposure of human beings to electrical shocks.

  • Location and design of trigger eliminates fatigues caused by single finger operation. It allows spreading the force required to open the jaws over more than one finger to ensure comfortable operation. mm for standard wire diameter of 50mmand 40mmfor 1000A and 400Arespectively.

  • Data logger & View function (up to 32000 readings)

  • Plug and Play USB connectivity with PC

  • 100kHz bandwidth for voltage measurement

  • 1kHz Low Pass Filter mode

  • GO-NO-GO function

  • VAC with 1MOhm impedance 4-20mA/0-20mA scale type measurement

  • Single fuse for mA & A

  • Adjustable square wave output

  • Temperature measurement with J, K, Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors

  • External power adapter for long hours of measurements

  • Selectable clamp ratio for current measurement

  • Conductance Measurement

  • Frequency / Time Period Measurement

  • AC&DC Voltageupto1000V

  • AC & DC Current up to 1000A/400 A

  • Inrush/Peak Value Measurement

  • Active, Reactive and Apparent Power

  • Horse Power Measurement

  • kWh

  • Measure up to49thHarmonics

  • Phase Angle

  • THD

  • DF

  • Power Factor

  • Crest Factor.

  • LPF Mode for VFD Application.

Handheld Measuring Instruments
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