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Current Transformers

  • Current Transformers available in wide range from 1A to 7500A suitable to be used in all applications. CTs with Accuracy class up to 0.2S available in product range.

  • All Type of CTs such as Wound Primary, Plug-in Bus bar Type, Tube Current Transformer, Protection Current Transformer, Split-core Current Transformer and Summation Current Transformer available in product range.

  • Capable of being constantly overloaded to 120% of the primary rated current.

  • Unbreakable plastic housing of poly-carbonate, Self-extinguishing, UL94-V0 and flame resistant.

  • Operating Voltage up to 1.0 kV & Isolation test Voltage 6 kV.

  • Nickel-plated secondary terminals with plus-minus nickel plated screw & Integrated Secondary Locking Caps for all CTs.

  • Split-core CTs suitable to be used into an existing installation without any additional mounting requirements available up to 5000A Primary current.

  • Summation CTs up to 8 connections available.

  • Protection Current Transformers available in 5P5, 10P5, 5P10, 10P10 as a standard & Additional protection available on request.

Current Transformer
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