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Panel Exhaust & Cooling Fans

  • Modern design, high performance and fast mounting

  • All moulded parts are made of highly resistant and self-extinguishing ABS, UL94 VO grade.

  • The standard colour is RAL 7032. RAL 7035 is also available.

  • Installation is fast thanks to the simple square cut-out on the enclosure panel and to the snap-in fixing system. No screws are needed.

  • The range of air flow ratings goes from 24 to 630 m3/h. For all filter fans, default air flow direction is from the outside towards the inside of the enclosure.

  • On specified models, user can easily reverse the direction by simply re-assembling the fan in the opposite way

  • No interference outside the enclosure5 mm is the maximum projection outside the enclosure.

  • Expected life of 30.000 working hours at an ambient temperature of 55°C.

  • The special configuration of the grill, the self-adhesive gasket and the filter mat ensure an IP54 protection degree towards the enclosure.

  • 230V single-phase, 115V single-phase and 400V three-phase, all bi-frequency 50-60 Hz. In addition, 24 and 48VDC versions are available up to 230 m3/h.

  • Filter units are available in multiple sizes.

ALFA ELECTRIC Panel Exhaust & Cooling Fans
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