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Pilot lights & Switches

  • Pilot lights and illuminated switches are suitable for direct supply with series resistor with diode, using bayonet cap filament bulb type BA9S as follows:

  • Supply voltage for direct connection without series resistor: 6V – 130V

  • Supply voltage through series resistor: 12V – 230V

  • Supply voltage through series resistor and diode: 230V (Bulb-130V)

  • Simple to fix – screw driver is all that is required, Fixing method unaffected by excessive vibration-unit does not rotate

  • Safe, very good flame resistance

  • Shrouded terminals, protection against electrical shock (unit earthed)

  • Circular actuators have chrome plated metal bezels or double insulated plastic bezels

  • Contact Elements are double break and have self-wiping contacts. The elements are interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware.

  • 1 to 6 elements (NO or NC) can be used with pushbuttons and selector switches.

  • 1 or 2 elements (NO or NC) can be used for illuminated switches

Pilot lights & Switches
Pilot lights & Switches
Pilot lights & Switches
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