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  • RR Kabel is one of the premier wire & cable companies in the world, we at RR Kabel are the pioneers of wire design, technology & applicability. RR Kabel’s cutting edge technology & research has continually enhanced the efficiency, reliability & safe conduction of electricity, supporting the core of their engineering endeavour, which is to guarantee safe environments everywhere - offices, retail spaces, industrial plants & residences.
    From the simple flame retardant building wires to power cables, from instrumentation cables to the highly critical submersible cables, our product range is so diverse today that in any industry there isn’t an application that doesn’t have the desired product. From oil, gas, petrochemicals to transmission, distribution & power networks, our wires have been reliably empowering the industries that keep the world up & running. Certified by top international electrical standards organizations world over, used in over 75 countries across the globe, RR Kabelare wires without worries.

  • Products:

  • PVC insulated Building wires

  • Heat Resistant PVC Insulated Single Core Flexible Cable

  • Thermoplastic Insulated Halogen Free Cables (LSZH) Low Smoke zero halogen

  • PVC Insulated & sheathed Multicore Flexible Cables

  • Heat Resistant PVC Insulated & Sheathed Multicore Flexible Cable


RR Kabel
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