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  • Carlo Gavazzi's patented Tripleshield™ Capacitive Sensors have become the standard all other manufacturers are measured against. DetectS most materials - conductive and non-conductive.

  • Our sensors are available in 12 mm, 18 mm, and 30 mm diameter with both AC and DC outputs.

  • We offer both plastic and metal housings with either a built-in cable or a connector. 

  • Offers a comprehensive range of inductive sensors - primarily used to detect metal parts and objects.

  • Our inductive sensors and proximity switches are available in a wide variety of styles and feature both digital (SCR, transistor) and analogue outputs.

  • Selection of ancillary products such as timers, zero speed relays, counters, and digital speed indicators and tachometers.

  • Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of magnetic sensors for use in proximity detection applications.

  • . Our range is able to detect conductive and non-conductive liquids, granulates, grains, and plastics. We offer level sensors and level control relays for both on/off control and continuous monitoring of levels. We offer conductive probes and amplifiers, capacitive level sensors, ultrasonic sensors, magnetic level probes, and optical sensors.

  • Offers a large range of photoelectric sensors which are used extensively on packaging machinery, automatic door systems, factory automation, and in car washes. Our sensors are available in diffuse reflective, background suppression, reto-reflective, polarized, through beam, clear object detection, and colour recognition.

  • Carlo Gavazzi offers a number of specialty sensors for use with automatic doors using advanced radar and vision principles.

  • Our RAD and IRS series use radar (Doppler shift) for motion detection. The RAD can be mounted up to 4 m from the ground while the IRS can be mounted up to 7 m from the ground. Furthermore, the RAD series also has UL325 approval.

  • The range consists of both M18 and M30 housings. Discrete output types are available for presence and absence detection, and are ideally suited for detecting objects, such as transparent objects, that cannot be reliably detected by other sensors.

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