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Changeover Switches

  • Changeover switches available from 40A to 3150A.

  • Motors available from 125 A Rating & in 3 Voltage Ranges i.e. 120V, 230V & 277 V AC/DC.

  • Switch Disconnectors for DC applications are available in a wide range of currents and voltage up to 1500V DC.

  • On-Load Switching of DC & AC (inductive and capacitive) loads up to 1000V.

  • Rated breaking current of up to 8 times the rated operational current.

  • High making and withstanding currents: Up to 100 kA short circuit currents.

  • Protection against accidental over voltages in equipment connected between phase and neutral.

  • Reliable isolation and contact position indication throughout the life-time of the switch, even after short-circuits.

  •  IP 65 external handle without any extra parts.

  • Pad-lockable handle in O OFF position up to three padlocks (5-8mm)

  • Unlocking the door is possible in ON I position by defeating the locking with a tool for Maintenance.

  • Shroud Covers, Extendable Shaft, Direct Handle, Auxiliary contacts available as an accessory.

Changeover Switch
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